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History of the Winery
The Lonz Winery has a history of fine American wines. View more of our history here.
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Our Lines of Fine Wines

Our current lines of wines are the Captain’s Table and the Sailor’s wines. Each has their own distinct characteristics.

Please take your time and enjoy our site, with a fine glass of wine.

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  The land has since been purchased by the state of Ohio, with the intention that it will eventually become a state park site, preserving a piece of Ohio's history on this picturesque island.

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Lonz wines, now part of a corporation bearing its name, continue to be made by enologist Claudio Salvador. Born in Italy, where he received his education and experience in the art of winemaking, Claudio has been making the signature Lonz wines since 1979. Combining his knowledge of wine making, continuing research, meticulous vinification, and creative effort, he has produced a new class of Lonz wines that are winning national awards. The same pride, the same determination and the same standards set by Andrew Wehrle and George Lonz continue today as we expand and improve on the fine wines bearing the Lonz name.



To order wine, please call 1-800-548-9463. Orders can only be delivered to Ohio addresses.



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